Douglas Mountain

Douglas Mountain is located in Maine, United States. It has an elevation of 422 meters above sea level. It is located at the following coordinates: (43.8715, -70.6965)

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From the parking lot, we chose to go up the Ledges Trail. This meant walking back out from the car to the road, turning left, continuing up the road to where it dead-ends. The trail head is on the left.

The Ledges Trail is appropriately named, as there are a few places where you are hiking over rock ledge. Nothing that my almost-four-year-old son couldn't handle. Although on the way back down I did insist that he hold my hand over the rock face; he has a tendency to slip if he's standing on pine needles which are on top of rock ledge!

There were wild blueberry bushes everywhere, and in mid-July when we went, the berries were ripe and delicious. We had to stop several times along the way just to pick more berries.
Picking blueberries!
There isn't much for views at the summit, but fortunately the stone tower gets you above the trees so you can see. From Douglas Mountain you can see Pleasant Mountain to the west, Sebago Lake to the East, and many other mountains,  (more...)

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Douglas Mountain, located near Sebago Lake in Maine, is a small mountain (it is often referred to as Douglas Hill instead of Douglas Mountain). It has several trails to the summit, so if the hike is not long enough for you, you can do it multiple times without backtracking over ground you've already covered!

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