Sabino Hill

Sabino Hill is located in Maine, United States. It has an elevation of 43 meters above sea level. It is located at the following coordinates: (43.7443, -69.792)

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Fort Baldwin Trail: dry; well marked (more)

This trail is basically a road through the woods up the hill. Easy to hike up, and not a chance of getting lost if you stay on the road!
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Sabino Hill is the home of Fort Baldwin. If you're looking to hike up to the forts, it's a really short hike over a dirt road.

There are three installations (batteries) as you travel up the hill. The first one is VERY reminiscent of one of the batteries at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth. In fact, we really wonder if they used exactly the same plans.

Almost immediately after the third battery there is a tower - I'm not sure what the tower was used for; I think someone once told me it was a storage facility. You can go in the tower and climb up at least part way. The echo in the tower is extraordinary, and little Toby seemed to find it a bit nerve-wracking, so we didn't stay there long. (more...)

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Sabino Hill in Phippsburg, Maine, is the site of Fort Baldwin. Baldwin isn't as well known as Fort Popham (which is just down the street) but it's still very interesting.

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