Streaked Mountain

Streaked Mountain is located in Maine, United States. It has an elevation of 533 meters above sea level. It is located at the following coordinates: (44.25, -70.4234)

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Trail is dry, which is nice for this time of year!
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I stopped in to see my brother Arnold and said, "You're not too busy this afternoon, are you?"

"Why?" he said. (Oh so suspicious!)

"Can't you just hear Streaked Mountain calling out to you? 'Climb me! Climb me!'"

So we headed out for a hike, taking Arnold's dog Bree with us.

This was my first hike of the spring, and I hadn't done Streaked Mountain in several years. I had forgotten that this is a trail that doesn't have any "flat" parts, and it took me awhile to catch my wind.

When you begin the hike, there is a sign (not quite in view from the road) that says that the trail is maintained by the students at Hebron Academy. As you hike, you will occasionally see arrows painted on the rocks telling you which way to go, but not as many or as consistent as you find on trails on the Appalachian Trail.

But that wasn't really a problem - while you're in the woods it's fairly obvious where to go, and then once you get out of the woods, you can see  (more...)

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Streaked Mountain, between South Paris, Maine and Buckfield, Maine, is a short hike, but surprisingly difficult, as it is a rigorous upward hike, with few sections of shallow incline. This mountain is often hiked by local families - children, parents, and dogs. Even the babies come along, packed on mom or dad's back.
Streaked Mountain is a small mountain in the Western Maine, near Singepole Mountain, not too far from the Norway/South Paris area of the state.

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