Maromokotro is located in Madagascar. It has an elevation of 2876 meters above sea level. It is located at the following coordinates: (-14.0167, 48.9667)

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10 days is actually from last village/end of 4wd tracks to first village/4wd tracks. The complete traverse or ascent should need a full 12 to 13 days.
Don't underestimate this gentle looking hill like mountain. Weather is very unstable, it does rain almost everyday, fog can get really DENSE, temps drops down to -20??c during winter nights.
Views from the summit are exceptionnal with sights of west coast islands and immense wilderness all around. This trek is possibly the best I've ever done as during a traverse, you change biotopes every two days, alternating burning hills with dense humid forest, bushy plateaux, dry tropical forests, rivers, waterfalls, extreme isolation. It never gets boring with similar sceneries and everyday you encounter different environments. Rare on such a short distance. (more...)

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