Description of Mount Lewis Cass

Mount Lewis Cass is located in Alaska, United States. It has an elevation of 1842 meters above sea level. It is located at the following coordinates: (56.4064, -131.085).
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Mt. Lewis Cass is a very sharp peak about 20 miles northeast from the confluence of the North and East forks of the Bradfield River. It is designated Boundary Point 47 on the Alaska/Canada International Boundary.
It's elevation is 6,864 and the surrounding area is snowfields. Google shows a lot of snow and glaciers!
The Boundary Surveyors of 1907 took a boat from Wrangell, Alaska to Bradfield Canal. Today the saltwater moraine makes it shallow a long way out into the canal. The men used canoes to go up river 2.5 miles thru the braided river to the confluence of the North and East Forks .It is probably longer from tidewater to the forks today. They went up river, hand cutting out log jams to a bunch of rapids and made permanent camp. From there they bushwacked, roped up etc. as close to the peak as possible.
The surveyors did not reach the top of the peak that year or in 1908. A 1952 book said the peak had not been climbed by Boundary surveyors.
There are portions of the Bradfield River or sandbars that a bush pilot might be able to land. Some take canoes on the floats.
This description is written by Pat Roppel (Box 1998, Wrangell, Ak 99929) and I am an historian not a climber. I would like to know if anyone has ever reached the top of the peak.

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