Description of Cerro Champara

Cerro Champara is located in Ancash, Peru. It has an elevation of 4028 meters above sea level. It is located at the following coordinates: (-9.06278, -77.8703).
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Attempted an ascent of Champara in July 2006. As far as we could tell, it had not been climbed since the early 1900s, and we could find no route maps or even any pictures of it. We took a taxi from caraz to the small town of Mirasanta, at the base of the the valley at the north end of the mtn. We were apparently the first gringos to venture that far north in the corillero blanco, as we were ogled by the entire town during our stay there, where we pitched our tents in their soccer field. The town seems to be dependant on arichoke farming. It was somewhat difficult to communicate with them, as they spoke mostly Quechua. It was a long, 2 day hike up the valley, with the aid of two porters we hired from the village. Unfortunately, after hiking all the way up the valley to the base of the glacier, we could not find a safe route up the steep rock/ice wall, and were forced to turn around. I would love to send pictures and any advice to anyone who'd like to make an attempt at the mountain, especially if they'd share how they attained the peak!

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