Description of Kuh-e Damavand

Kuh-e Damavand is located in Mazandaran, Iran. It has an elevation of 5628 meters above sea level. It is located at the following coordinates: (35.9551, 52.1101).
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Mount Damavand 5671m , is a silent volcano located in Alborz Range in north of Iran . It looks like Fujiyama in Japan but much greater . There has been no eruption of Volcano Damavand in historical times and records so it is regarded as extinct silent volcano. There are some hot springs on its lower slopes like Larijan village . At the summit there is a crater about 150-200 meters across , with a lot of yellow sulfurous rocks and pumice stones. Snow covers the crater and upper slopes in winter, spring and autumn . In fact it is the not only the highest peak in Iran , but also the highest in Middle East and the highest if you travel from Europe eastward to Iran .

Best place to get info for climbing Mount Damavand
Best Climbing Time: 10 June To 20 August
Best Climbing Side: South face
Best Climbing Program: 2 days climb
Best Start point: Polour ,a small village at the south side of the mount Damavand
Status: not active
Latitude: 35?? 57' 19" N
Longitude: 52?? 06' 36" E
Most Recent Eruption: None on record mount
Nearest International Airport: IKA Airport Teheran, Iran
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