Hawk Mountain

Hawk Mountain is located in Maine, United States. It has an elevation of 325 meters above sea level. It is located at the following coordinates: (44.151, -70.6926)

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I hiked Hawk Mountain with my wife and two children. Our boy, who is almost four, hiked up, while our daughter (sixteen months) rode in a pack on my back.

The trail up Hawk Mountain is actually more like a road than a trail. Mind you, I wouldn't drive my car over it, but I did see evidence that some vehicles - probably jeeps or ATVs had made the trip up.

For the most part the trail was dry, but near the top, where it starts leveling out, there were a lot of large puddles in the road, so we had to skirt around the edges of the road.

At one point, right around that time, we saw a branch in the trail that went off the left. We wondered which way led to the summit, and guessed that we should go straight. That turned out to be a good guess.

After walking on fairly level ground for a bit, we actually dipped down a bit, which made me worry we'd taken the wrong trail. However, we came out in a clearing with a bit of a view looking out over a pond/lake.

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Hawk Mountain is a short mountain in Waterford, Maine, which overlooks some of the ponds and lakes of the Waterford/Harrison area, as well as gives some nice views of the White Mountains.

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