Mount Megunticook

Mount Megunticook is located in Maine, United States. It has an elevation of 422 meters above sea level. It is located at the following coordinates: (44.2413, -69.0677)

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My family and I hiked this trail on September 6th, 2005. By the end of it I learned that it's very important to pace yourself at the beginning of a hike, to avoid tiring out before reaching the top. The trail starts out with a gradual steepness, and there are really no places that are completely level. Towards the end there are a few portions that are very steep and mostly composed of rock, and those who don't pace themselves properly and/or aren't is a good shape as they thought they were will have to take several breaks ;-)

I don't recall many interesting sites along the way - there was a small stream at one point, of to the side of the trail. The view at the top is wonderful though. There's a great view of the ocean, which included many small boats tied up, at the time of year we were there. Most of the view is forestland - including Mount Battie, a smaller "mountain" nearby. There are a few buildings and roads visible as well.

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Mount Megunticook is located within Camden Hills state park in Camden, Maine. The beautiful Ocean Lookout spot near the peak provides views of the ocean, Mount Battie, and the Camden Hills.

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