Ragged Mountain

Ragged Mountain is located in Maine, United States. It has an elevation of 396 meters above sea level. It is located at the following coordinates: (44.2125, -69.151)

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I'm at Camp Fairhaven in Brooks, ME for the week, and wanted to get in a bit of hiking, so I convinced Tom, one of the guys who's doing maintenance, to take the morning off and go with me.

It was a beautiful morning, though a bit hazy at first, and because it had been raining for about a week straight, the trail was - at first - kind of muddy. But we had no trouble picking our way through the muddy sections. When you start hiking you'll feel like you're going the wrong way, since you are heading almost exactly 180 degrees opposite the mountain. But you won't go very far before you cross a little foot bridge and the trail divides. Turn right onto the Ragged Mountain trail.

This was a really nice trail to hike - it was easy going, the blue blazes were very clear and came at regular intervals, and there were several places along the way where the trail breaks out onto rocky ledges, where you get some nice views of Bald Mountain to the east. It almost felt like it  (more...)

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Ragged Mountain is one of the Camden Hills, right across the road from Bald Mountain. From the summit you can see Penobscot Bay, as well as some of the other Camden Hills. There are nice views for a relatively easy hike.

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