Black Cap

Black Cap is located in New Hampshire, United States. It has an elevation of 718 meters above sea level. It is located at the following coordinates: (44.0559, -71.0667)

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I hiked this mountain with my son, who is not quite four years old. Neither one of us had hiked it before, but I'd read that it was a good family hike. This was definitely true. The trail is wide enough that Toby could hold my hand and walk next to me comfortably most of the way up the mountain. We never had any trouble following the trail, and it was clearly marked with red blazes all the way to the summit. There were a couple places where the trail forked, but there were also signs clearly showing which way to go.

Near the top, when the trail came out onto open ledges, we would occasionally see two sets of red blazes painted on the rocks, so apparently the recommended path was "moved" at some point recently. It was easy to distinguish between the fresh paint and the old paint, though, so we had no trouble deciding which way to go.

The actual summit of the mountain doesn't actually have the nicest views, as there are trees surrounding the open summit, which blocks  (more...)

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Black Cap is an easy hike accessible from Hurricane Mountain Road in New Hampshire. Because HMR takes you most of the way up the mountain, it's a short hike to the summit. Views of North Conway, Mount Washington, Mount Chocorua, and Kearsarge North make this a great destination.

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