South Baldface

South Baldface is located in New Hampshire, United States. It has an elevation of 1081 meters above sea level. It is located at the following coordinates: (44.2306, -71.0779)

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Baldface Loop Trail: no snow; no ice; muddy trails; well marked (more)

Muddy places near the bottom, otherwise nice and dry, which was good for going over the ledges on South Baldface. There was one place beyond North Baldface where the trail wasn't really well marked; the name "Loop" disappears and is replaced by "Eagle Crag" and a "Ridge Trail" - either way gets you to the bottom!
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I hiked this mountain with my father-in-law and several of my brothers-in-law. They wanted a good challenging day hike, and I suggested that this trip would provide the challenge they were looking for.

When you start out your hike, you'll begin with a nice gradual slope through the woods for about 0.7 miles, at which point you will come to a junction of trails, where you can turn left to head toward South Baldface, go straight to get to North Baldface, or turn right to go to Emerald Pool.

I recommend turning left; I've done the loop in the other direction, and coming down over the ledges of South Baldface isn't as much fun.

From this point you are about 3 miles from the summit of South Baldface. You'll travel uphill through the woods at a good upward slope, and then you'll break out onto the open ledges that give the mountain its name - Baldface. Since you're going to be out in the open for a long time, you might want to consider some sunscreen; some of my  (more...)

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The two Baldface Mountains are several hundred feet below being "4000-footers," but they are a more challenging climb than many 4000 footers. This is in part because the elevation at the base is much lower than it is for many taller mountains, but also because the trail is steep in places, and involves scrambling over rocky ledges.

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