Marengo Cave

Marengo Cave is located in Indiana, United States. It is located at the following coordinates: (38.369, -86.343)

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The cave has a long history and a wide variety of formations. Knowledgeable guides keep young ones entertained and educate the more mature. Each tour features an experience of absolute darkness, where all of the lights are turned off. Each tour group is made up of around 30 people, and you can schedule your tour(s) with the front desk to suit your needs. There is a small cafe on site, but it was not well-stocked when we were there so we ate at a local sandwich shop nearby.

We went on both of the underground tours, detailed below:

Dripstone Trail: This 70 minute tour is conducted at a relaxed pace. The tour guide describes the formations of the cave as well as its history. This hike takes you three levels underground, and allows you to see the majority of the open portions of the cave. If you only have time or money to do one trail, this is the trail for you. This trail highlights the following areas of the cave: Soda Straw Crawl, Great Wall of China, Penny  (more...)

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This U.S. National Landmark offers guided tours to the public. The history of the cave is described, and various cave formations explained. No technical expertise is needed for the public tours of this cave.

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