Black Mountain

Black Mountain is located in Maine, United States. It has an elevation of 964 meters above sea level. It is located at the following coordinates: (44.4564, -70.9092)

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I hiked this mountain back in 1995 very nice then. Very different now, 12/19/2019 I still have not been able to find the the trail once you enter the spruce area and leave the logging roads. however I did manage to make it to the top but not the true summit. My advise is to forget about finding the old trail. Not saying I won't try again to find the old trail. Follow the trail and cairns through the young beech trees until you get to a swampy area an arrow and carin will point you to go right and cross a small stream. Don't go that way stay left and continue up a logging road. (starts to get steeper) The logging road will dead end just continue up the mountain straight and to the right slightly not too hard of a bushwack. The ridge area has been practically clear cut so you will be able to find it easily. The true summit has not been logged but is a ways off. The false summit is easy to get to and offers 360 views thanks to the loggers their is a cairn here. Head back out the  (more...)

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This mountain is located in the vicinity of Worthley Pond, in Sumner and Peru, Maine. The mountain is approached by way of the Greenwoods road to the Black Mountain Road. There are (I have heard) nice views from the ledges at the top of the mountain.

However, there has been extensive logging done in the area, and the trails and cairns have been essentially obliterated. I attempted to hike this mountain with a friend today, and we discovered a maze of crisscrossed logging trails, (more)
The cairns have been rebuilt, but the trail remains quite confusing at points. I have hiked this mountain over a dozen times, and I have always lost my way at one point or another. There seems to have been a clear trail at one time, but years of over-growth and logging have left the trail very occluded. I enjoy this mountain more than most because of its untouched quality at the top. There are good views from the south-western ledges, and there are several peaks to explore. Though it is (more)
The previous commenters are correct: this is an easy mountain on which to get lost. In fact, I have gotten waylaid at one point or another almost every time that I have hiked in this immediate vicinity, though of course I've always found my way back too. The "trails," such as they are, are generally unmarked so good routefinding skills are required. All the logging activity in the area also helps to conceal and confuse older trails. And I suspect that there may be a magnetic anomaly in (more)

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